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Our new appleorchard in Åttböle


The new orchard in Åttböle is built with the nature in mind.
It started organic but was switched to conventional IP in 2013.
The orchard was planned for organic so the variety choice now means limited spraying.
The weeding is also done mechanically.

Ladybugs are natural enemies to aphids and spider mites. A fullgrown ladybug eats about 150 aphids a day.
There is straw bales in the orchard so the beneficial insects have somewhere to spend the winter.
Pollination is done by rented bees and the orchards own bumblebees.


Small birds eat large amounts of pests every year. Thats why we put up bird feeders around the whole orchard.
Also bigger birds of prey is attractive to have in fruit orchards as they eat voles and mice.
It's also important to be careful with the baby birds when processing the soil or cutting the grass.


Some pictures from floweringtime.


Rubinstep (left) and Discovery (right) planted 2011. Pictures taken 2012.


Amorosa (left) and Discovery (right) planted 2012. Pictures taken 2012.


Packing of our first organic Discovery in september 2012


New planted Rubinola in 2013, Rubinola from 2010-2011 in the background.