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Each season we have different work to do on the farm.
During the winter all fruit trees need to be pruned
and this is usually done from February until mid-April.

In the spring all new fruit trees are planted. This work is primarily done by machine, but is also done by hand when the planting of trees occurs in already existing orchards. The trees then need to be supported by poles and wires and irrigation needs to be put in place. We usually begin this work in early April and finish in mid-June.

During the summer we thin all fruit trees in order to remove small and deformed apples, so that we only have large and beautiful apples left to pick. The thinning of trees is usually done from the beginning of July until the picking season begins in early August. The picking season is our most important and labour-intensive season and we require 20-30 people to ensure all fruits are picked in time. At the same time we also sort and pack some of the early summer and autumn varieties.

When all the fruit is picked we continue to sort and pack the late autumn and winter varieties all the way through to Christmas or, depending on sales, even in to January. During the winter, spring and summer we need 4-8 employees and during the picking season we need 20-30.

We have our own accommodation of good standard for employees. We have one residence for 10 people, one for 5 people, and additionally we have three rental cottages for 4-5 people each.

If you are interested in working on our farm, please e-mail us.

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